Love What Matters

Our story was recently featured on Love What Matters. If you haven't read it yet, here's a small portion.

“It was the summer of 2013 at a friend’s wedding on the Maryland coast. They chose a tiny, no-name town but I remember exactly how we felt being there amongst so many of our friends, their family and how unbearably hot it was. The temperature started to drop and the wind picked up just enough that everyone was able to relax and enjoy themselves. If it hadn’t been for that tiny bit of wind it’s hard to say whether or not this would be a story at all. The atmosphere completely changed and allowed us to wander off for no other reason than the sun was about to set, so we took what ended up being a blurry, overly exposed photo together; precariously standing on a rock as the sun was about to fade away. We sat for a few minutes on that rock in silence with only the sound of the music from the wedding in the distance behind us. Everything about that moment just felt right. We had previously talked about wanting to have kids. In fact, it was something we both wanted to do but the early 2000s weren’t as nice to us and those like us as they are now. Not only were there legal barriers that prevented us from adopting but the financial cost was just too much. The idea of having children of our own seemed out of reach and just that, an idea..."



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